Monday, February 23, 2009

These babies are never coming

Andrew suprised me today by leaving work early and meeting me at the doctor's office. Too bad there was no news for him. Nothing has changed since last week except the size of my belly. The doctor did say that if nothing had happened by the week of March 9th, he'll re-evaluate. This is actually a week later than I thought he'd let me go, so I am back to pouting.

Also, Finn the cat has really taken to the baby equipment. The other day I was at that end of the house when I heard a weird noise coming from the nursery. Finn was asleep in the baby bouncer, had apparently selected the jungle noise option, and had turned the vibration on. This was completely intentional, as you have to push the music button twice in order to get to the jungle noise.

I go to the doctor again next Monday, though I am not anticipating much difference then either. In the meantime, I'm thesising during the day and not sleeping at night. My insomnia has led to some fantastic television watching, though. In the past week, I saw a documentary about children growing up in Calcutta whorehouses, the Kate Winslet/Harvey Keitel movie, Holy Smoke, and several episodes of The Jeffersons and Three's Company.

We'll keep you posted if anything changes. I promise.

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