Monday, May 4, 2009

Look Ma, No Hands!

In an effort to prepare for the drive to Kentucky, I thought I'd try out Podees. They are these really cool, self-feeding bottles invented by a mother of twins no doubt. My life just got insanely easier. Here are Cullen and Kerrick at eight weeks, feeding themselves.
Now if they'd only get a job...
Hamming it up for the camera. K on left, C on right. Big ole' milk bellies.
In the crib. I wanted to show a before and after picture, but I forgot to take one this morning. They usually end up sideways and all snuggled up together.
Kerrick and Cullen and their buddy, Finn.

1 comment:

  1. Ha! Those things are awesome. (And yes, this just might be our first retarded moment as old people excited about parenting paraphernalia.)

    On a side note, your poor twins. You're already talking about them as the same. Your words: "Now if they'd only get a job..." Sup with that? Just because they're twins, they're gonna share a job?

    Just kidding. I can already tell you'll be an awesome mother of twins. The boys don't always wear the same outfit.