Saturday, September 5, 2009

Separate Cribs

As sad as it is, we had to finally put the boys in separate cribs. They were really moving and kicking around in there and waking each other (and me) up in the middle of the night. The monkey quilt was made by my "aunt" Maryann and the banana bumper pads were made by my mother-in-law (and Andrew). Cullen likes his new digs!
Kerrick's happy to have his brother gone!


  1. This makes me wonder. If one of them cries in the night, does that then lead to the other one crying?

    If so, how do you remain sane?

  2. I know really.. My friend who has twins just did the same thing.. They will sleep better and I think the key is run for your life before one wakes the They look great...