Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How it went down

I thought since the boys are content in their swings and I had a few minutes, I'd tell everyone their birth story: We went in on Sunday at 5:30 to be induced and we were waiting for the ultrasound tech. to confirm that both boys were still head down. While waiting, we filled out paperwork, I got my IV, etc. in preparation for a vaginal birth on Monday. Kerrick had other plans. The ultrasound revealed that he had flipped around (how I missed a 6 lb. baby flipping in utero, I have no idea) and was breech. My biggest fear all along was that I'd have one vaginally and one by C-section and have to recover from both, so the doctor was sympathetic and ordered a C-section for Sunday night. The time between the ultrasound and the surgery was about an hour--it happened so fast. The surgery was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I was surprised that they were out within a matter of minutes. The whole thing lasted less than an hour and I got to watch them get cleaned up from my recovery bed. The only thing I missed was Cullen peeing on his footprints paperwork.

Recovery went quicker than expected and both my doctor and the pediatrician thought we could go home early--less than 48 hours after delivery. Now we're home and figuring it all out.

The boys are awesome. They have very distinct personalities: Cullen loves to eat and has a tendency to get fussier quicker than his brother. I think he looks exactly like Andrew, so we're calling him "mini-me." We're calling Kerrick "the Professor" (a nickname the nurse came up with) as he gets really serious looks on his face and seems as though he's always contemplating something important. He totally figured out the answer to the economic crisis yesterday, for example. I don't think he looks like me, but maybe a mix of us both.

The dogs are responding well to the babies, but there is a dominance struggle between themselves. They are very curious and protective and tend to run the cats off.

Today we have an appointment for circumcisions and then their first pediatrician's appointment is on Friday. In the meantime, we're hanging out and enjoying every minute. Here are some pictures from yesterday. The close up is of Kerrick.

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  1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing! I thought it must have went well considering how quickly you had updates for us on facebook!

    Looking forward to seeing you and the boys next week.