Monday, March 23, 2009


Yesterday we needed to get out, so we went to the zoo and it turned out to be kind of awkward. We got so much attention having twins that I began to ignore people's comments toward the end of the outing. Maybe it's the fact that they are so little, or that there are two, but people just seem to want to stop and talk and I'm not one to want to carry on a conversation with a stranger. We saw four sets of twins at the zoo, though, and were able to commiserate with a couple with two month old twins. Anyway, enjoy the new pics.

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  1. Love the beach picture! these will be fun to look back on! Sorry you got "attacked" at the zoo. Not surprising. That stroller alone invites comments. I probably would have been one of those people to make a comment--but NOT a full conversation. My sister-in-law with twins got really mad about all the negative comments she would hear("better you than me", etc etc), so whenever I see twins out I always say something positive to the parents. Getting any rest??